Area: Urban design
Region: Outaouais
Year: 2006
Client: City of Gatineau

Redevelopment of Jacques-Cartier Street in Gatineau

Groupe DDM was asked to produce a Master Development Plan for Jacques-Cartier Street and the riverside areas, including shoreline revitalization and the creation of a cycle path. The project required contributions from the company’s urban planners, landscape architects, civil engineers and biologists, to identify the best management and development options for Jacques Cartier Street in Gatineau. 

Revitalization of this key artery and the adjacent riverside land, including a cycle path connected to observation areas and recreational equipment (e.g. marina), was needed to maximize the potential of the area, situated alongside the Ottawa and Gatineau rivers. Infrastructures were required to develop the area’s unique visual perspective of the Capital, as well as its historic nature and tourism potential. A number of social and environmental constraints were considered in order to produce realistic, sustainable solutions that were acceptable to residents and offered potential for the future. Public consultations were held for residents and interest groups. 

The resulting development concept was based on three main themes: heritage and culture (cultural landscape), quality of life, recreation and tourism, and environmental conservation (natural landscape). The plan was welcomed enthusiastically by the community, since it improved the quality of life of residents and enhanced the area’s recreational and tourism attraction and capacity.

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