Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Ecosystems and biodiversity must be maintained to provide the balance needed by the planet, the economy and society as a whole. Information on the natural environment is an essential part of this process, to ensure that society not only benefits from the services rendered by ecosystems, but also evolves within a context of sustainable development. 

Groupe DDM provides professional and technical services for research into ecosystems and biodiversity. Its multidisciplinary team has developed unique expertise in the study of terrestrial, waterside, wetland and aquatic environments and their biodiversity. Its specialists have acquired extensive experience of plant and animal ecology, biodiversity, ecological integrity, and ecosystem conservation and management. 

Groupe DDM also works on environmental issues in the James Bay region, through its Aboriginal division:

Groupe DDM’s fields of expertise include:

  • Characterization and ecological inventories of terrestrial, waterside, wetland and aquatic environments
  • Studies of biodiversity
  • Conservation, management, land use and development plans and measures for natural environments
  • Environmental assessments for hydroelectricity and energy transmission projects, developments and infrastructures
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