Bruno Del Degan

Forest Engineer, President

Bernard Massé

Forest Engineer, Executive Vice-President (Forestry and Geomatics)

Raymond Audette

Agro-Economist, Director (International)

Louis-Charles Barrette

Wildlife and Forestry Technician, Project Manager

Jean-Sébastien Benoit

Civil Engineer

Réjean Benoit

Biologist, Project Manager

Jonathan Blais

Civil Engineering Technician

Vicky Boulet


Grégory Bourguelat

Biologist, Vice-President (Environment)

Marilyn Bronsard-Harvey

Urban Planner Advisor, Project Manager

Germain Chassé

Civil Engineering Technician

Steve Deslongchamps

Forest Technologist, Photo-Interpreter, Project Manager

Jean-François Drapeau

Computer Technician, Programmer and Analyst

Amélie Drolet

Biologist, Project Manager

Pierre Dupuis

Forest Engineer, Director (Forest Planning)

Louis-Mathieu Fréchette

Urban Planner, Director (Urban Planning and Land Use Planning)

Matthew Gagné

Analyst in Economic Studies, Project Manager

Charles Gauthier

Civil Engineer, Director (Civil Engineering)

Janick Gingras

Biologist, Assistant Director (Ecosystems and Biodiversity)

Sébastien Girard-Jean

Junior Civil Engineer

Alain Jacques

Forest Engineer, Director (Forestry Services)

Michelle Larivière

Forest Technologist, Photo-Interpreter

Philippe Laroche


Alexandre Larouche

Economist, Director (Economic Studies)

Jean Maltais

Biologist, Director (Environmental Management)

Eliane Moreau

Urban Planner Advisor, Project Manager

Marie-Noël Nadeau

Administrative Secretary

Richard Paquet

Civil Engineering Technician

Simon Proulx

Forest Engineer, Project Leader

Marcel Routhier

Civil Engineering Technician

Denis Sundström

Cartographic Technician, Cartographer and Geomatician

Dominic Tremblay

Forest Technician

Louis-Emmanuel Tremblay

Forest Technician, Photo-Interpreter

Hugo Trottier

Forest Engineer

Josée Trudel

Administrative Assistant

Stéphanie Villeneuve

Accounting Technician