Area: Forestry assessment
Region: Estrie
Year: 2016
Client: Hydro-Québec

Forestry Assessment for the Proposed Québec-New Hampshire Electricity Interconnection

Groupe DDM was asked to produce the forest inventory, general forest assessment report (market survey) and individual forest assessment reports for the proposed Québec-New Hampshire electricity interconnection, which includes the construction of a 320 kV direct current transmission line over a distance of nearly 80 km in Québec. The line will continue into the United States and will connect the Des Cantons substation in Val-Joli with the Franklin substation in southern New Hampshire. To build the line, Hydro-Québec must obtain easements on more than 150 private properties in Estrie. 

As part of the forest inventory, ground surveys were carried out and information was gathered for assessment and deforestation of the forested portion of each property affected by the project. The market survey identified the unit value of volumes of wood for acquisition of the easements needed to build the new transmission line. As for the general forestry assessment report, it contained tables of values by species and by diameter, and corresponding usage tables. The cubage rate used for the project was also included. Lastly, forest assessment reports were produced for each individual property affected by the project.

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