Groupe DDM offers a variety of services in the forestry sector. Its specialists have professional and technical expertise in forest resource planning, development and management. The company produces integrated resource management plans, as well as timber harvesting and allocation plans. It also provides consulting services on timber use, procurement and marketing, and on forestry dispute resolution. In addition, it carries out quantitative and qualitative tree studies to assess the impacts of infrastructure projects affecting wooded areas in inhabited and urban zones. 

Groupe DDM’s professionals have worked in the area of forestry for nearly 30 years. Thanks to the range of projects carried out, it has been able to develop working methods that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of project teams. It is also able to give training on forest inventory survey and compilation techniques, photo-interpretation and digital mapping. 

Thanks to the technical expertise and forest ecology knowledge of its forestry professionals, combined with the skills of its environmental management specialists, Groupe DDM is also able to offer environmental certification services for forestry companies. 

Groupe DDM’s fields of expertise include:

  • Photo-interpretation
  • Forest inventory and compilation
  • Forest ecology
  • Growth of forestry units
  • Ecological, forest and theme-based mapping
  • Allowable cut calculations
  • Development plans
  • Forest management
  • Deforestation studies
  • Urban tree inventories and assessments
  • Urban tree and canopy management plans
  • Sylviculture
  • Arbitration and conflict resolution
  • Forestry assessments (expropriation, damage, land, concession)
  • Procurement studies
  • Vegetation control
  • Monitoring of work
  • Training
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