Sustainable Development

Growing numbers of government organizations and agencies are now promoting sustainable development. As a concept, sustainable development is based on a vision that combines environmental protection, social progress and economic efficiency. It plays an increasingly important role in how business is done, both in Québec and throughout the world. Companies that include a sustainable development viewpoint in their business models are seeking solutions for the future and helping society to move forward.

Under the Sustainable Development Plan announced by the Québec Government, organizations, and especially those in the municipal sector, now have an opportunity to consolidate their social, economic and environmental responsibilities in the new context of decentralization to the regions.

Thanks to its consulting experience and multidisciplinary expertise, Groupe DDM is able to work on all types of projects, in the government, public, quasi-public and private (industrial and other) sectors. Groupe DDM also works with partners in the field of sustainable development, to ensure that projects are successful in terms of budgets, deadlines and deliverables.

Groupe DDM’s fields of expertise include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Situational assessments and analyses
  • Sustainable development action plans (SDAPs)
  • Implementation and monitoring tools
  • Identification of funding sources and applications for certification
  • Advice and support
  • Personalized training
  • Consulting work and mobilization plans
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