Economic Studies

Economic considerations form part of every project, and a realistic, informed profile of the situation is needed to make the best decisions. The mathematical and econometric tools used by economists can help decision-makers to obtain a general understanding of their projects. If a financial analysis is one of the tools used for a project, an economist will make sure the equation includes all the benefits or disadvantages, even those that are difficult to quantify. 

Over the years, Groupe DDM has developed extensive expertise in every facet of economic assessment, including data collection, statistical analysis, modelling, predictive models, financial analysis, cost-benefit analysis, business plans, strategic plans and so on. Economic considerations are not sector-specific, so Groupe DDM offers its services in a variety of sectors (forestry, agriculture, energy, tourism, etc.) and at different levels (production chain, employment market, research, etc.). It uses an approach that is adjusted to each client’s situation, and which includes a rigorous analysis of the facts, along with innovative solutions. 

Groupe DDM’s fields of expertise include:

  • Profitability and feasibility analyses
  • Studies of economic and financial spinoffs
  • Modelling, simulation and predictive modelling
  • Statistical and econometric analyses and predictive modelling
  • Macroeconomic environmental scanning
  • Micro-economy and cost analyses
  • Value chain analyses
  • Regional and international competitive analyses
  • Labour economics and workforce diagnoses
  • Public economics and price structures for goods and services
  • Strategic planning (corporate, regional, national)
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