Heritage and Archaeology

Archaeology is a discipline that studies the material remains left behind by past generations. Archaeologists restore life to these often forgotten buried legacies and give them back to society. The intangible aspect of the buried heritage confers a certain level of fragility; archaeological remains, whether or not their existence is known, can become an obstacle to modern planning and development initiatives. However, in the last 20 years, stakeholders from all areas have worked together to address both the demands of development and issues relating to the protection and conservation of the archaeological heritage. 

Thanks to Groupe DDM’s multidisciplinary expertise in land use planning, civil engineering and environment, its Archaeological Department is able to assist with archaeological heritage protection and offers a range of services adjusted to modern needs.

Groupe DDM’s fields of expertise include:

Archaeological services

  • Archaeological potential study
  • Inventory and survey
  • Supervision
  • Archaeological excavation
  • Specialized analysis

Integrated services

  • Theme-based atlas of human occupation and general mapping
  • Impact survey
  • Assessment of climate warming impacts on the cultural heritage
  • Study of the evolution of natural and cultural landscapes
  • Integrated project development
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