Area: Ecological network
Region: Outaouais
Year: 2010-2012
Client: National Capital Commission

Gatineau Park: Identification and Characterization of Ecological Corridors Adjacent to the Park

The purpose of this project, carried out by Groupe DDM, was to ensure long-term ecosystem integrity and maintain biodiversity in Gatineau Park and the National Capital Region, while improving the connectivity of major regional and national ecosystems. 

Based on available information and site visits, 12 ecological corridors, each with rich and diverse ecosystems, were characterized and mapped in detail, to identify their natural resources and elements likely to cause fragmentation or alter their functions. The potential corridors were then assessed to extract information and identify those with the best conditions for conservation and development. The assessment was based on three aspects, namely uniqueness, ecological value and management potential, determined by land use within the corridor and the ecological services the corridor was able to provide for the community. Criteria were assessed for each aspect, and the 12 potential corridors were then ranked in priority order for conservation based on their importance to the region’s species. To conclude the project, the corridors requiring most attention in the short term, due to the risk of losing essential ecological functions, were identified from an analysis of management issues, and conservation actions were proposed.

The project was carried out in close collaboration with the municipalities and environmental groups concerned. It was also considered by a committee of scientific experts.

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