Area: Forest research
Region: Several
Year: 2013-2016
Client: MFFP

Inventory of Forest Research Facilities

Groupe DDM has carried out a number of sample plot measurement projects since 2013, for the Direction de la recherche forestière (DRF) at the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP). The DRF’s mandate is to play an active role in guiding research and improving forestry practices in Québec, within a context of sustainable forest management, by carrying out applied, long-term scientific research. The DRF’s studies of sylvicultural treatments and their impacts provide fundamental input for research into cultivated forests and their development. 

Dendrometric measuring and sampling are carried out in a variety of real impact network plots created specifically to test different sylvicultural treatments. The network is re-measured periodically to monitor the long-term impacts of the treatments. The measurements and observations must be of good quality, because they are used to guide long-term sylvicultural strategies. 

The plots, from six different networks, must each be measured using a specific individual protocol. The networks are:

  • Softwood plantations
  • Cutting with protection of tall regeneration and soils
  • Cutting with protection of regeneration and soils
  • Cutting with protection of small merchantable stems
  • Pre-commercial thinning by the Direction de l'assistance technique (DAT)
  • Pre-commercial thinning of softwood stands
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