Area: Mapping and Geomatics
Region: Nord-du-Québec and Côte-Nord
Year: 2002-Present day
Client: Hydro-Québec

Maps for the Eastmain-Sarcelle-Rupert and La Romaine Hydroelectric Complexes

Groupe DDM and its Aboriginal division, the Consortium Otish, have carried out environmental baseline studies, impact assessments and follow-up since 2002, on behalf of Hydro-Québec, as part of the Eastmain-Sarcelle-Rupert (James Bay) and the La Romaine (Côte-Nord) complex. These projects were performed at the pre-project (environmental baseline study and impact assessment), construction and operation (environmental follow-up) phases. Groupe DDM’s mapping and geomatics team produced all the theme-based items needed for the projects, including maps, figures, plates and other communication tools. In addition, the team was responsible for all pre-fieldwork geomatics activities, data structuring and processing and data integration into the appropriate geobases. All the products edited for Hydro-Québec meet the highest quality standards and comply with the requirements set out in the general technical specifications prepared by Geomatics, Hydro-Québec Innovation, Equipment and Shared Services. 

Hundreds of maps have been produced for the following projects:

  • Follow-up, study and inventory of big and small game
  • Follow-up, study and inventory of caribou
  • Telemetric monitoring of woodland caribou
  • Habitat characterization and habitat potential assessment for moose, caribou, black bear, beaver and small game
  • Follow-up of terrestrial wildlife during impoundment of the Rupert diversion bays, the Eastmain 1 reservoir and the La Romaine 1, 2 and 3 reservoirs
  • Follow-up, study, inventory, intensive trapping, relocation, marking and telemetric monitoring of beaver
  • Follow-up, study and inventory of waterfowl and characterization of wetland and aquatic environments
  • Follow-up, study and inventory of birds of prey
  • Follow-up, study and inventory of short-eared owl, great grey owl and Bonaparte’s gull
  • Follow-up, study and inventory of micromammals
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