Area: Market impact assessment
Region: Québec
Year: 2008-2009
Client: MRNF

New Timber Marketing Method: Study of Conditions and Impacts

A study carried out by Groupe DDM at the request of the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune (MRNF) proposed the introduction of a competitive market for wood from the public forests. The purpose of the study was to present marketing scenarios along with descriptions of the mechanisms that would be required. The proposed mechanisms, tools and approaches were supported by analyses that had been documented sufficiently to anticipate their impacts. 

Groupe DDM was asked to:

  • Present and describe the different forms of auction sale of timber on a competitive market.
  • Review and describe existing marketing systems elsewhere in Canada and throughout the world.
  • Identify and describe the characteristics of the forest products to be marketed in Québec.
  • Develop and propose potential forms of marketing agencies.
  • Propose two or three complete marketing systems, including the minimum volumes required to obtain competitive prices.
  • Determine the impact of the proposed mechanisms on fibre costs.
  • Determine the impact on the price of timber form the private forests.
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