Area: Geomatics and Information Technologies
Region: Estrie
Year: 2014-2016
Client: Domtar Inc.

OPERA10 – Forestry Operations Management Tool

Groupe DDM has been working jointly with Domtar personnel since 2014 to develop management software for wood harvesting and sylvicultural operations carried out on the company’s private land in Beauce and the Eastern Townships. The system can be used to manage information on annual logging sites, including sector, contractor, season, and so on. Information is compiled on numerous elements in each sector (type of operation, area and volume harvested, treatment monitoring and regeneration status). New functions were added in 2016 to manage data on hybrid poplar plantation fertilization: sector, area treated, quantity of fertilizers spread, and so on. The software includes export functions that allow for printing of personalized reports.

The system’s main functions are:

  • Recording and management of logging sites by sector, contractor and season
  • Production and recording of harvesting permit applications
  • Harvest management by site
  • Recording and calculation of areas and volumes of wood harvested
  • Recording and monitoring of post-harvest regeneration
  • Management of information on the forest road network
  • Management of hybrid poplar plantation fertilization work: source, tonnage and location of spreading
  • Various compilations for use in Excel spreadsheets

The software is being developed using ArcGIS, MS-Access and MS-Excel.

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