Area: Strategic plan
Region: Gaspésie–Îles-de-la-Madeleine
Year: 2015-2016
Client: Municipality of Port-Daniel-Gascons

Port-Daniel-Gascons: Strategic Economic Development Plan

The arrival of McInnis Cement in the municipality offered a unique opportunity for economic development in Port-Daniel-Gascons. By hiring workers and helping to increase the tax base, McInnis Cement would generate a number of direct spin-offs. In addition, it would increase the potential for future economic spin-offs in the form of new services and ventures, and would allow the Municipality to build infrastructures and offer services of benefit to the entire community. 

The first step in Groupe DDM’s mandate was to produce a profile of the Municipality, based on sector-specific analyses of different fields. This led to a diagnosis highlighting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and issues in connection with the Municipality’s present and future needs. Strategic guidelines and goals were then identified and a list of projects offering potential for development was drawn up. 

Consultation workshops were held in the fall of 2015 for the population and elected representatives of Port-Daniel-Gascons. The findings from the consultations were key in ensuring that the development plan was realistic, and in identifying projects with potential. 

Using an analysis grid based on eight criteria (local economic spin-offs, tax revenues, job creation, operationality, quality of life, social acceptability, level of attraction and stewardship), the following 13 projects were identified as offering the most potential: 

  1. Development of an emblematic signature for Port-Daniel-Gascons.
  2. Development of Port-Daniel-Gascons’ beaches.
  3. Creation of a new roadside rest area.
  4. Expansion of the water and sewer networks.
  5. Conversion of the former Port-Daniel rink.
  6. Development of Colbourne Park.
  7. Development of the barachois.
  8. Refitting of the quay at Anse à la Barbe.
  9. Support for the construction of a seniors’ residence.
  10. Support for the development of the old train station.
  11. Renovation of the old convent.
  12. Development plan for the La Souche outdoor centre.
  13. Creation of an industrial park.
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