Area: Strategic plan
Region: Outaouais
Year: 2011-2012
Client: RESBO

Strategic Plan for Restoration of the Outaouais Region’s Forest Industry Cluster

An initial study commissioned by the Outaouais region’s network of wood sector companies (known by its French acronym RESBO) and carried out by Groupe DDM identified the reasons underlying the pulping sector’s status as a secondary producer on the international stage. The study showed that the traditional forest industry cluster in Outaouais faced a bleak future and highlighted the need for a shift towards products to which differentiating elements could be added, within an appropriate industrial structure. The potential products identified during this phase became the starting point for the restoration of the region’s forest industry cluster. 

A strategic plan was prepared with the aim of creating a forest industry sector in the Outaouais region in proportion to its timber resources. Among other things, the plan applied a less-known aspect of Porter’s analysis model, namely the reconstitution of a post-decline industrial cluster. 

Groupe DDM’s mandate was to provide the Outaouais region’s socioeconomic stakeholders with a roadmap showing the actions required to rebuild an industrial fabric for forest resource-based value creation. 

The strategic plan listed the reasons why the sector had lost its competitive edge, and proposed permanent solutions to help restore a healthy, competitive industrial structure.

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