Area: Urban forestry
Region: Lanaudière
Year: 2016
Client: City of Terrebonne

Terrebonne: Urban Woodlot Intervention Plan to Combat the Emerald Ash Borer

As part of its emerald ash borer prevention plan, the City of Terrebonne asked Groupe DDM to produce a forest development plan for three wooded units covering slightly over 33 ha. Its task was to:

  • Describe the forestry components of the wooded lots (vegetation layers)
  • Present a general diagnosis of the health of the wooded units
  • Estimate quantities of merchantable wood
  • Locate ash trees on public and private land
  • Propose a woodland management strategy to combat the emerald ash borer
  • Produce an intervention plan and schedule
  • Estimate woodlot management costs (harvesting) and anticipated revenues from the sale of roundwood
  • Produce a final report supported by an exhaustive map of the proposed intervention plan

The proposed plan served as a tool for the city managers’ emerald ash borer prevention strategy.

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