Area: Sector study and market analysis
Region: Province of Québec
Year: 2017
Client: Ministère des Finances

Study of Québec's microbrewery industry

The number of microbreweries has increased significantly in Québec in recent years, and the province’s finance ministry (MFQ) commissioned an economic and fiscal analysis of the sector to obtain a detailed industry profile. The study’s aim was to gather reliable qualitative and quantitative data that would explain the sector’s needs and highlight the issues involved in developing microbreweries in Québec.

The first phase of the process involved documenting all the quantitative and qualitative information available in the literature, as well as benchmarking support measures offered by other Canadian provinces and preparing a survey questionnaire. The second, core phase of the study involved gathering information directly from the microbreweries. All holders of beer production permits (small-scale and industrial producers) were contacted and asked to complete an online survey. Detailed accounting analyses and in-depth interviews were then carried out with a sample of microbrewers, to confirm and clarify the information gathered during the online survey, and to pinpoint and expand on the issues and challenges facing the microbreweries. Lastly, interviews were conducted with outside stakeholders to verify the main observations and provide a different perspective on the problems identified.

The study led to the production of a robust and detailed profile of Québec’s microbrewery industry. Its main conclusions suggest that the sector is in good economic health, and that the main challenge lies in providing support for the different microbrewery companies so that they are able to fulfill their potential and increase their presence on markets in Québec, Canada and abroad. It also proposes a number of potential solutions.

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